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Crosstown Concourse
Memphis, TN
Memphis is a culturally and economically diverse Southern city that is undergoing a building boom with billions of dollars in construction projects underway.
The city is a logistics hub: it is located at the intersection of major rail, air, and river ports. Memphis boasts vibrant music, arts, and food culture, excellent schools, a professional basketball team, and warm weather with abundant sunshine. Outdoor activities are plentiful and include golf (40+ courses), biking (including a 10+ mile “green line”), hiking, and fishing. Memphis lies in close proximity to multiple rivers (the Mississippi, the Tennessee River, and the Spring River in the Ozark Mountains) for cooling off in Summer. The city’s cost of living is 12% lower than the national average.

More information about Memphis can be found in this Newcomers Guide to Memphis 2019 and at #memphistravel.
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